Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain for You, Your Employees, or Patients

Virdio Health offers a groundbreaking in-home physical therapy solution that makes your rehab fun, engaging, and supportive.

Virdio Health is built on 4 pillars


Making patient programs more fun and engaging to improve the experience.


By engaging a patient’s community for accountability and encouragement you get better patient outcomes.

Reinforcement Learning

Encouraging and motivating patients through behavioral science and reinforcement learning.


Rewarding patients for completing their programs .

How Virdio Health Works

Start feeling better today in 3 easy steps.
Patient signs up and books a 1:1 call

Patient fills out a questionnaire and schedules a call with their physical therapist for personalized treatment.

Personalized therapy

Patient gets assessed by their personal physical therapist and receives their personalized program.

4-pillars and software monitoring

Custom workouts and educational content tailored to each individual patient.

Virdio Health's digital physical therapy app offers an effective, at-home rehabilitation with real-time feedback and no bulky wearables required.

Virdio Health’s game changing approach to MSK care is having a dramatic effect in improving people’s quality of life.

"I used to dread walking up stairs, but now thanks to VirdioHealth, it's a breeze!"

Lincoln Levin
"Before VirdioHealth, I couldn't even walk without pain. Now, I'm happy to say goodbye
to knee pain!"

Chance Curtis
"I couldn't even lift my arm without wincing in pain, but thanks to VirdioHealth physical therapy, I'm now pain-free and feeling great!"

Craig George